DAZ Studio Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Install Tutorial

1. You can purchase the Facemotion3d live plugin or obtain it in some other way.

 You can get the plugin for a fee by visiting the following site and emailing the author.



 Note, however, that he is not related to the iOS app developer at all.


2. Email him to get the plugin and he will send you the file.

    Extract the downloaded file and extract the "faceMotionToDAZlive.dll" .


3. Right click on the DAZ Studio icon on the desktop.

    And click properties.


4. Click "Open File Location".


5. Go to the DAZ folder and create a new folder.

    The folder name should be "plugins".

    If it already exists, there is no need to create it.


6.  Add the "faceMotionToDAZlive.dll" to the plugin folder.


7. Launch DAZ Studio.

8. Click Windows -> Panes(Tabs) -> Facemotion Live


Live Tutorial

1. Select the top node of the figure in the scene tab of the DAZ.


2. Press the "LOAD FIGURE" button of the plugin.


3. Go to SETTINGS and enter your iPhone's IP address.

      And enter your PC's IP address.


4. Press the "GO LIVE" button of the plugin.

Animation Bake Tutorial


1.Within the Facemotion3d iOS app, press the Record button and stop recording when recording is complete.


2. In the Facemotion3d plug-in of DAZ, press the "TRASNFER STREAM" button.

    Then press the "IMPORT DATA" button.

    Close "TRASNFER STREAM" window.


3. In the Facemotion3d plug-in of DAZ3D, press the "WRITE TO DAZ TIMELINE" button.

 The animation data recorded by the iOS application will be reflected in the DAZ character.